Good Things Come in Threes

The month of May ushered in a time of year that lends itself perfectly to loving everything about love.  There are beautiful flowers in bloom, vibrant hues abound, and the tease of summer approaching makes everything feel a little more light.  

We welcomed the busy month of May with a trio of weddings that convinced us that good things, absolutely, come in threes!  Each wedding was beautifully detailed, and full of personal touches that made each celebration of love truly unique.

Danielle & Michael 5.6.2016

Dani and Michael kicked off the month with a gorgeous red and white color palette that paired their fun personalities with classic romance.

Next, Melissa and Jackson designed their wedding around a theme of natural beauty.  They adorned our free-standing wooden wall with greenery, petals and hanging candles to create the perfect ceremony backdrop.

We rounded out an amazing month with Crystie and Michael, who were so much fun!  We fell in love with Crystie's thousand watt smile, and Michael's perfectly matched blue socks.  Their wedding was a true testament to why people fall in love:  because it just feels amazing! 

The Cloth Mill